Information sharing with our PCN 

and our other health care providers


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We are working closely with neighbouring practices within our Primary Care Network (PCN) to support your care. PCNs and their constituent GP practices are now the organisations through which primary care health services will be delivered and when providing you with care their trained staff form part of our team and will have access to your NHS GP record. Please see our Privacy Notice 


Local Information Sharing

Your GP electronic patient record is held securely and confidentially on an electronic system managed by your registered GP practice. In order to provide you with health and social care services. Your GP practice works in close collaboration with Hayes & Harlington Collaborative PCN  a group of 9 geographically local practices.

Trained staff from PCNs and their GP practices will now form part of each GP practice team and will have supervised and audited access to patient records only when this is required to deliver patient care. Staff are trained to understand their legal and professional responsibilities of confidence to their patients and will only access your records when they are required to do so to support you care. They will identify themselves and their role using a smart card and access to your PCN record is recorded, monitored, and audited.

As your local PCN functionality extends they are likely to provide GP HUB and Out of Hours services directly in which case your records would be available without consent. If you require attention from a local health or care professional outside of your usual PCN services, through an Emergency Department, Minor Injury Unit or other Out Of Hours service, the professionals treating you are better able to give you safe and effective care if some of the information from your GP record is available to them.

Where available, this information can be shared electronically with other local healthcare providers via a secure system designed for this purpose. Depending on the service you are using and your health needs, this may involve the healthcare professional accessing a secure system that enables them to view either parts of your GP electronic patient record (e.g. your Summary Care Record) or a secure system that enables them to view your full GP electronic patient record (e.g. TPP SystmOne medical records or EMIS remote consulting system).

In all cases, your information is only accessed and used by authorised staff who are involved in providing or supporting your direct care. Aside from your registered provider your permission will be asked before the information is accessed, other than in exceptional circumstances (e.g. emergencies) if the healthcare professional is unable to ask you and this is deemed to be in your best interests (which will then be logged).“

If you have any concerns about sharing  information for purposes of providing health care to you or would like to object to this, please contact our practice manager Susan Dewan.